Testimonials. The testimonies on the Psotherapy natural remedy


Testimonials. The testimonies on Psotherapy products. All certified testimonials of how the active ingredient works, received from: hospitals, dermatologists, doctors and ordinary people, who have used the treatment Psotherapy. The results obtained with Psotherapy natural treatment in Cuba.



Caterina’s Testimony, May 16, 2018


Psotherapy is a natural product without side effects. These testimonies and images show the great difference between a product with cortisone and Psotherapy:

Caterina’s Testimony:

"I was treating my hand psoriasis with cortisone and I didn’t get any results. In fact, the situation started to worry me, so I decided to start the Psotherapy treatment. I use the Psotherapy body wash for hand baths at night before going to sleep and I apply the Psotherapy regenerating moisturizer cream several times a day. I am much better now and I no longer feel the skin tight, it looked like leather, it was very hard and hurt a lot.

This is the result after only one week of treatment.

The first two photos with the cortisone treatment.

The second two photos with Psotherapy treatment, without side effects, using the cream and body wash.

May 16, 2018

Caution!!! Non natural remedies have important contraindications, according to testimonies like this one and many dermatologists’ opinions!!!


I have been suffering from palmar psoriasis on the hands for about 10 years.

In the beginning my hands were devastated and full of sores, curved nails and fingers no longer usable.


After many treatments with Methotrexate, thermal cures, etc ... I have always had poor results with significant contraindications.


The Ciqorin completely solves my problem, but with serious contraindications.


For about 7 years, after reading the book of Dr. Pagano, I changed my diet getting excellent results.

My psoriasis is now more contained and has shrunk in the middle of my hands, some small sores and itching in the morning after waking up.


About 3 years ago, I found your cream on the web, I use it daily with several applications (unfortunately, the hands should be washed more frequently). It gives excellent results with zero contraindications, the small sores during the night are reduced sometimes and even disappear for days, and in other words it helps me to live better.


Today, after a while, I reconnected to your site and I noticed that there are many other products that confuse my ideas.

Could you please tell me which of those products is most suitable for my psoriasis (MINSAN code).

Thank you.

Hidden name 17/04/2018


We asked the different Cuban medical facilities to inform us about the results obtained with

Psotherapy natural treatment and the answers are as follows:

translated documents

Havana, November 13th, 2017.

Hermanos Ameijeiras Clinical Surgical Hospital

Dr. Teresita Pérez Alonso

2nd Degree Specialist in Dermatology

Assistant Professor.


We have had the opportunity to use the Psotherapy product which is a natural treatment with obvious soothing, moisturizing and emollient properties in the patients with psoriasis that are treated in our center, obtaining better responses in cases of mild and moderate psoriasis.

This natural product, due to its emollient properties, improves psoriasis lesions, decreasing desquamation and hydrating the skin. As a natural product is harmless and can be used at all ages without causing side effects.

We have achieved great results in scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis with the use of the Psotherapy shampoo applied in the appropriate way.

Our patients who have used this product have bought it in the Cuban international pharmacies.


CIRA GARCÍA Central Clinic

Havana, November 14th, 2017

To whom it may concern:

We attended the International Symposium of Pharmaceutical Companies, held in Cuba, on June 6 and 7, 2017. Among the interesting topics discussed, the use of Psotherapy topical treatment as a natural remedy for psoriasis, awoke the interest of Cuban dermatologists for the use of this product in psoriatic patients. The Psotherapy treatment, whose product in Cuba has been tested with the name of Psoricum (name of the product with the same active ingredient, Psotherapy is the current name) is a natural remedy that we are using in the treatment of the different clinical forms of Psoriasis and in some psoriasis-like Eczemas.

The topical treatment Psotherapy for psoriasis is applied directly to lesions with good results.

The product is sold in Cuban International Pharmacies. The patients treated by us acquire the treatment at our Clinic.

Although psoriasis is a problem that goes beyond a simple dry skin, keeping the skin moisturized helps alleviate psoriasis outbreaks, so the use of this product improves the patient condition a lot, which we consider to be a first therapeutic option in the treatment of different clinical forms of Psoriasis.


Dr. Silvia Garcia Martínez. Assistant Professor. MS. Head of the Dermatology Department. Central Clinical Cira García

(Dr. Silvia Garcia Martínez’ stamp and signature)


Calle 20 No. 4101, Esq. Ave. 41, Playa, La Habana. Cuba. Teléfono: (53 7) 204 2811

Telefax: (53 7) 204 2640, (53 7) 204 2650, Fax: (53.7) 204 1633. Email: faculta@cirag.cu Web: www.cirag.cu


To whom it may concern,



As physician and specialist in dermatology, I currently work in La Habana, Cuba, in following polyclinics:

  • Luyanó
  • Catorce de Junio
  • Treinta de Noviembre
  • Polyclinic – Pediatric Hospital Raúl Gómez García
  • Retirement home Veintiocho de enero
  • Surgical Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras
  • International Clinic Camilo Cienfuegos

As a dermatologist, I have been treating many patients suffering from psoriasis and I have been able to experience Psotherapy™ treatment. It is a treatment based on a natural extract that does not cause the side effects typical of cortisone therapies.

Psotherapy™ treatment experimentation has been conducted so far on about 30 patients who were asked to follow the application protocol scrupulously.

All patients treated showed significant improvements in symptomatic manifestations of psoriasis, such as flaking and skin dryness, which in many cases have disappeared.

Psotherapy™ treatment has been effective in all clinical forms of psoriasis. In particular, there were exceptional results in patients with palm-plantar psoriasis who had long been treated with cortisone-based therapies and had very atrophied skin as a side effect of such therapies, failing to improve their clinical condition. In these cases, the absence of side effects of the Psotherapy™ treatment was very important, allowing patients to recover their hands and feet functionality, having healthy skin, well hydrated and painless, and thus improving their quality of life.

As the formulation of Psotherapy products is based on an extract of an edible plant, it was possible to treat children, pregnant women and the elderly without any contraindication.

Given its effectiveness in the treatment of psoriasis symptoms, experimentation has also been conducted on some patients with seborrheic dermatitis or in conditions of extreme skin dryness due to other factors. Even for these patients the results were excellent.

All products from the Psotherapy™ line, such as cream, shampoo, shower gel and scalp fluid, are currently sold in all Cuban international pharmacies.

La Habana, November 13th, 2017



Dr. Idaisy Guerra Estévez

Specialist in Dermatology

Specialist in General Integral Medicine



To whom it may concern,

original documents


"psoriasis is a chronic disease and it does not heal, the cures are these"…


January 25th, 2018. Five months after her testimonial, we have received the photos of Marlene. Let us remind you her statement on August, 2017.


"Having consulted so many dermatologists, continuing with cortisone and tar creams, with hands and feet closed in a plastic bag, with ankle skin detached along with the bag with burning and hallucinating pain…

After the resignation felt by hearing people say that "psoriasis is a chronic disease and it does not heal, the cures are these"…

One day surfing on Internet together with a friend, looking for some other treatment, we came across the Psotherapy page and after almost three years of desperation I said to myself "I will try this too". I decided to buy the product. My life with Psotherapy is a new one now…"

Marlene, 04/28/2018, 14 months later


Catia Chiarugi wrote a new 5-star review of Psotherapy:


It is unquestionable for the great improvement my 8 year old girl had to start with the fifth week of treatment.

It is true that at first the reaction is there and also the redness. But then he passes, leaving the spot for the healing of the lesions. It respects the pink of her skin.

My specialist believes the objective results, and then the cream. Parallelly, the intestine is very good (food without sausages and little meat, so much fish, fruit and vegetables, and supplement).

She did the little girl with lots of examinations, feces and blood.

And he tells me that we need to continue with this cream.

I got the smile back.

Thanks Psotherapy.


Catia Chiarugi **


September 13/ 2017 - Testimony of the Cuban dermatologist


I’m the doctor, Teresita Pérez Alonso, dermatologist, and I want to tell you my experience with Psotherapy product, which is a plant-based treatment that has moisturizing, emollient and calming properties. For this reason, it becomes an ideal product to treat psoriasis because it reduces the skin scaly patches and dryness.


It is a harmless product that can be used for children, pregnant women, and other patients that suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure.


We had the opportunity to use Psotherapy to treat two patients suffering from widespread psoriasis, which is considered a severe psoriasis, with a significant PASI reduction. As a result, the patients spent a year without using systemic treatment because they could not receive treatment with methotrexate and cyclosporine that is available in our medical center.  


We also have some other patients with scalp psoriasis who are completely cured today after being using Psotherapy shampoo.


Taking into account all of the above, we recommend to use this plant-based product due to all benefits it provides to this hard disease.


September 08 2017 - Testimony of the Cuban dermatologist



 September 08 2017


My name is Idaisy Guerra Estévez, I am a Dermatologist, I work in the municipality of Diez de Octubre and I am a collaborator at the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital and the Camilo Cienfuegos international clinic.

I have had the opportunity to treat with psotherapy cream, shampoo and body wash, many of my patients, who have been clinically diagnosed with and by biopsy procedure as well, getting very good results in a short period of time since they have followed the directions for use in detail which is elemental to achieve the expected result.

Now, I am going to tell the story of two of these patients who are very grateful for the benefits resulting from cream. A female patient, white race, 40 years old who suffers from psoriasis of 4 months of evolution with painful erythematous-squamous lesions and multiple fissures in both feet. She received treatment with steroid creams (triamcinolone, clobetasol, hydrocortisone), anxiolytics and antihistamines which didn’t work. These lesions could barely allow her to walk and caused a lot of depression. At the beginning, I gave her detailed instructions, she spent 15 days without applying anything on the skin, then she began using Psotherapy cream and she felt an extreme improvement after a period of approximately 40 days. She was able to wear shoes again and her quality of life improved. She has no lesion now.

The other female patient, 16 years of age, white race, has been also suffered similar lesions for several years but in her hands. She had great difficulty to do any daily life activity until getting a complex. Her quality of life was very affected and she did not want to go to school because she could not write. She often used steroid creams for long periods of time to the point that her hands skin is atrophied, it is as fine as the paper of a cigar. I prescribed Psotherapy cream and the body wash. After 5 weeks of treatment she noticed a great improvement and now she hasn’t any lesion and keeps doing maintenance treatment, because as it is a natural product, it does not have the side effects of steroid creams.

It is important to be patient in order to obtain the expected result.**

original textoriginal text

 September 08 2017



Some comments on our page, read the latest testimony received today September 3. It’s just one of the many testimonies, follow us…


Cristina Bozzolini Guilia Salemi Tell me that it is true! My granddaughter suffers. I will take her to the end of the world!!!!


Cristina Bozzolini I think I need a wave of encouragement!


Maria Chin I've been using it for months. I'm excited.


Psotherapy Maria Chin Good morning, your enthusiasm is a source of pride for Psotherapy. In this regard, I would like to ask you kindly, if you have pictures that testify your improvements. Your testimony would be of great help to those who still do not believe in ... Read more...


Maria Chin Gentlemen I’d love to share the extraordinary success of Psotherapy but, unfortunately, I didn’t take photos before of the cure due to the fact that I was ugly.


Saula Banin I'm sorry but I didn’t think about taking pictures of before, but my head was covered with psoriasis, I stopped going to the hairdresser because of my discomfort. Now after 3 months of treatment it's almost gone and the annoying itching too.


September 3, 2017 **


August 30, 2017


August 30, 2017

Having consulted so many dermatologists, continuing with cortisone and tar creams, with hands and feet closed in a plastic bag, with ankle skin detached along with the bag with burning and hallucinating pain…

After the resignation felt by hearing people say that "psoriasis is a chronic disease and it does not heal, the cures are these"…

One day surfing on Internet together with a friend, looking for some other treatment, we came across the Psotherapy page and after almost three years of desperation I said to myself "I will try this too".

I decided to buy the product.

My life with Psotherapy is a new one now…

I’m feeling better now and I’m happiest than ever.

I persisted and persisted, I never quit the treatment; it was worthy.

My hands are as well as they used to be.

Now, I walk as usual, after having walked for months wearing slippers in pain…

I don’t know how to thank this team of doctors and researchers. I do not find the right words; just saying thanks is not enough. I just say that monuments should be made to people when they are still alive.

I recommend this treatment to all those who need it, consistently, not for three or four days.

Do not give up! Use it!

Today I believe in miracles.

Marlene Valenza Po **



They say of Psotherapy



Nicola Basile 


Good morning, I have followed all your directions for use. I started using Psotherapy at the end of February, 2017 and I suspended the treatment at the end of June. Two days ago until now, 13/07/17, I began applying the cream once a day, only on those areas where I still have white patches. The redness and scabs, as a result of scratching, have already disappeared. The affected areas have now the same color of the skin and the itching sensation also has considerably reduced.

In my opinion when someone is satisfied with something, has to speak well about it.

I'm very grateful and I send my regards. **



Ines Consolandi:

I have been using Psotherapy on the back of my neck, my ear and elbows for twenty days. The scabs have reduced specially in size. The small ones must be removed with a baby comb. I’ve still have itching but it has decreased. I’ve realized that if I skip a treatment application, the scabs appear again, which is a reason for concern. I started with two applications, and now just one. The shampoo is really good.

My hairdresser helped me with a cycle of oxygen therapy that worked. I perfectly know that there is no cure for psoriasis but I hope to treat it using this product and the oxygen. I also want to add that my hair grew again. **



Tit Peqinsi 


I’m using Psotherapy cream for about a month and I’m very happy. The 90% of plaques disappeared and also the itching. My skin is smooth and I’m pleased with it. God bless whoever invented this cream. Good for them, they are very competent. **



Massimo Rodilossi


Of course…I suffered from a lot of itching in my genitals and after a long time and suffering I was diagnosed as having genital psoriasis and the treatment at symptomatic level was cortisone and moisturizing cream and I got good results. Despite my doubts, I wanted to try Psotherapy cream to avoid the use of cortisone…and I must thank you because I almost live a normal life now, although I still have some slight feeling of discomfort. I also apply the cream on my face because I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis. The condition still remains but it has improved very much. ** 


Gianpaolo Forte


I begin the treatment on 14.03.2017. I would like to thank the whole team of Psotherapy for helping me solve my problem. Actually, as from June, 15th of this year, my psoriasis disappeared. I also thank to Luca, my pharmacist, for his active collaboration. Now, I need to know how to apply and to frequently use the cream and shampoo for maintenance prevention. Looking forward to your response and happy for the results, I thank you all once again. **


Nicola Basile


I have been using the cream for more than a month. I can see how my legs lesions have improved. The redness symptoms have decreased. I reduced the application to once a day because it produces me itching if I apply it twice a day. During the day, in case of itching, I use a Dermovitamina Camilene to relief the symptoms.  **



Andrea Usai


I have been suffering from psoriasis for 14 years. I have not followed any treatment until now. I've been trying Psotherapy for just 12 days. I cannot believe it. My psoriasis has almost disappeared. Only at pulse and knees level is more persistent. I am only at the beginning of treatment. I want to tell you that I eat every kind of food. Imagine if I were on a special diet. Believe me, it's a great cream!. **


Antonella Landucci


It really works! Even some old scars my sister had, have disappeared! Her skin hasn’t looked this good in 20 years!. **


Claudia Marciante
Published on Thursday, March 16, 2017 
Just some problems
I have been using the products for the past 40 days. At the beginning they caused me some symptoms like dryness and itching, I reduced the frequency of applications and problem solved. However, where I clearly noticed an improvement is in my scalp. My hair, abundant now, has grown again! It’s like a reborn of the skin and now I have twice the amount of hair! What else can I say! I would like to know when I can use the cream after o before sun exposure. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try Psotherapy. **


Aldo Provito
Published on Thursday, March 9, 2017 
Excellent  Product
In just three months I was cured and I rarely had some discomforts. **

Antonella Valenti
Published on Monday, March 6, 2017 
A good product
Although I’m recently using the product, I’m really satisfied.



Published on Thursday, February 23, 2017 
Results according to expectations 
Problem solved thanks to the “miracle” cream.
The scabs were gradually disappearing after suffering, at the beginning, from some itching.
After some years of suffering, I finally got rid of this discomfort thanks to your product. **

 Pietro De Leo 
Published on Thursday, February 23, 2017 
I can see great results at the moment, I think the skin is eliminating the toxicity of the cortisone-based creams like Dovebet I used for years....
I trust in this therapy and in the fact that I have positive thinking to daily face the results. **


Massimiliano Pellegrino
Published on Thursday, February 23, 2017 
Very effective product
After using so many treatments, this is the only product that has really worked. I think it is very effective. **


Antonella Landucci


It really works! Even some old scars my sister had, have disappeared! My skin hasn’t looked this good in 20 years!. **


Massimo T.
Published on Tuesday, February 21, 2017
An amazing product
It’s a line of product I have never used before but it is working.
 Thanks. **


Alessandro Ch.
Published on Monday, February 20, 2017
The solution to my problems and discomfort
If I had still been waiting for the dermatologists (that only prescribed cortisone for obvious reason) and for the healers with their ineffective palliative therapies as excimer laser or useless thermal cures, I had surely sunk into depression that was already tortured me a few years ago because my facial dermatitis was getting worse. After spending thousands of euros on vain healing promises, as I described before, that made my situation gets worse, I decided to search online information on my own and thanks to my decision and instinct, I decided to try a 50 ml Psotherapy cream. Result: a MIRACLE, after only one month with 2 applications a day, my horrendous dermatitis almost disappeared 90%, increasing my self-esteem and improving my daily life, because people no longer look at me weird wondering what I have in my face. I no longer suffers from itching or burning when I sweat and the skin has almost completely regenerated. I returned to the gym without feeling uncomfortable for the redness I suffered years before. And I had just to spend a few tens of euros for all this. In addition, given the results of the cream, I also bought the shampoo because I often had a derma-psoriasis on the scalp and after very few applications, the results are amazing, as it happened with my face.
First of all I have to thank those who are responsible for the production of Psotherapy and the genius who has patented the formula. Actually, my life changed for the better in many ways! I only hope that this result will last in the future, I have confidence in it!.


Barbara Pinna
Published on Saturday, February 18, 2017
It’s great
It’s a very effective treatment. The shampoo is really excellent. The scabs are notably reduced!. **

Claudio Chiavini
Published on Friday, February 17, 2017
It’s an excellent product
It’s an excellent product, I could see the improvement after 10 days. 

Vanessa Atzori
Published on Friday, February 17, 2017
It’s an excellent product, I recommend you try it. **


Bastianino Ventura
Published on Friday, February 17, 2017
Be patience
The product seems effective, I have been using it for 3 days but I could give you a report in ten 10 days. **

Roberta Congia
Published on Friday, February 17, 2017
¡It’s an excellent product to fight dermatitis! ¡I recommend it! **


Francesca Bellino
Published on Friday, February 17, 2017
Good product
I used the cream and my lesions are lighter and reduced. The only bad thing of the product is the itching experienced after being applied. ** 

Published on Friday, February 17, 2017
It’s a responsible and reliable 
For the past two years, we have established a relationship of commercial collaboration with the Psotherapy society that has demonstrated to be responsible, reliable and punctual when delivering the products requested. Even, it always provides the commercial and logistic support. That’s how it has developed. Besides, the products of Psotherapy line have had a great success since it has helped to eliminate this unpleasant disease like psoriasis, thanks to a line of whole plant extract products.


Giambattista Asuni
Published on Friday, February 17, 2017
First of all .... Happy new year!
Francesco and Cristina suffer from acne and atopic dermatitis and they are getting better every day.
I don’t expect they are completely cured, but I hope that their skin blemishes are less visible. Thanks in the name of the kids.
Now let´s talk about psoriasis
The two red areas on my body are reduced to two centimeters wide and the itching and flakes as well. I have almost nothing in my face. Now, I only have cracked and red skin in my chin and around my lips, though they are hardly noticeable. I have been using Psotherapy on my face a little more than two months and almost 40 days in my body. 
I am happy with these improvements that my kids and I have experienced, and we must thank once again expecting that our skin heals. They are not cheap products but very effective. **



Ignazio Pittau
Published on Thursday, February 16, 2017
Reliable products
I tried with the cream applying on some patches in my chin and head and one week later they disappeared. **


Luciano D'Antuono
Published on Thursday, February 16, 2017
From a patient
It is a good product but unfortunately, it is not the definitive cure, it helps to alleviate some annoying symptoms that appear along with the cutaneous manifestations. I recommend you use it because it helps you live better. Fortunately, as it happens with other genetic diseases, funds are spent to investigate its causes, due to the several consequences resulting from it. I congratulate you. **


Sebastiano Calafiore
Published on Friday, February 10, 2017
Effective y definitive
It’s a very effective product, fully natural, that shortly solved the problem of psoriasis.
 I’m really satisfied. **



Paola Bendinelli
Published on Thursday, February 16, 2017
I have been using the cream for several days and I can see the improvement. **


Claudio Zappulla
Published on Sunday, February 12, 2017
Reliable products
Undoubtedly, the product is so good that you can notice a sign of improvement right after a week of using it. 
It was hard for me to follow the delivery process, the email, containing the monitoring data, came late. **


Gianfranco Drioli
Published on Friday, February 10, 2017
Quick delivery. Treatment with good results.
My orders were quickly delivered. After two months of treatment, the results are good.  **


Stefania Perry
Published on Saturday, February 11, 2017
It really works 
Stefania Perri
I think I’m the most skeptical person in the world, however I bought the Psotherapy products because I was desperate. I was having a UVB therapy at the hospital and the results were poor. Seeing that itching and plaques didn’t reduce, I decided to try with other products. First, the itching increases after each application, as directions for use say, but I didn’t stop using it. Now it is much better, there is no bleeding or itching, the plaques diminish and are barely visible… I’m going to continue using these products, even for the scalp. I’ve finally found a weapon to counteract it. There is no cure, we all know that, but I rather prefer to use Psotherapy than cortisone.
 I hope that my testimony can help other people! **


Gianni Piredda


I used them about a year ago..., cream and shampoo. I have always suffered from psoriasis but my skin is clean now after using Psotherapy. **


Caterina Porcelli


I tried with the cream. The big spot beneath my knee disappeared. My psoriasis came out in September, but the truth is that I would never have thought it would go away so quickly. The hands, however, remain very dry and cracked. In short, it is a torture. **


Caterina Porcelli


However, the itching, which drove me crazy to the point of wanting to tear the skin off, has disappeared. I will follow your advice and increase the number of applications. I also bought the aloe Vera gel that I applied between applications. I'm happy with the results. Thank you! **


Ignazio Pittau


I tried with the cream. I must say that some spots disappeared. Undoubtedly, practicing sport and achieving an adequate diet have helped to accelerate the process. I wanted to ask them: how long do I have to use it since the spots have disappeared? **


Agata Salvadori


My mom is very happy! She's been using it for about a month and now she is another person. **


Giulia Gori


It’s really a great product! I'm using it recently and I can see the results.

Antonella Landucci 01/26/2017

It is also sold online in some pharmacies! I assure you that my sister uses it and the result is really amazing! She's another person! **


Patrizia Tiberii


I have been using the cream for the past 3 days and I see the improvements, thank you! I would like to know if you also have body wash, **


Angelo Stabile


I have been using the cream for about ten days and I can assure you that I am very happy, it is not a trick.  **


Stefania Perry


I'm using them even though I was not sure at first. They really work . **


Saula Banin


I placed an order last week and it arrived in 24 hours. I tested the shampoo on a part of my head where I have a lot of psoriasis and the spot is also very thick and the itching is unbearable. I have used it twice and tomorrow will be the third time. It is incredible, after suffering an intense itching now I have very little and the spot was reduced, and there is almost nothing left in the part of the head where I had started to use it. The only thing I do not like, which can be forgiven considering the results, is the smell that is not so good and it is a little expensive but anyway, it seems to work.  **


Carlos Guerrero



I send you the photos of January 15th before starting Psotherapy treatment, and the photos I took yesterday, January 30th. After 14 days of treatment, my family and I are very happy with the results, because this treatment really did changes to my body never experienced before with the previous ones prescribed by two dermatologists. I have suffered from psoriasis on whole body for more than 25 years, but now I feel different, without itching and flakes. I hope to have under control this damn disease that hasn’t left me alone. My whole family and I are really grateful to the doctors of Psotherapy and I look forward to continuing to offer you my testimonies. **


Luisa Carboni 


I have been using the cream for a month and I have to say that the products are effective. I can see the improvement. **


Roberta Murtas 


The treatment really Works. I use these products since July 2016, and all symptoms disappeared in about 40 days. Now, I apply the treatment every two days and everything is perfect. **


Stefania Perry


That’s it, it is not a cure because unfortunately it doesn’t exist, but the red patches and itching disappeared, I assured you, Mr Pippo Matraxia, that there is no more skeptical person in the world than me. I bought the products because I was desperate as I couldn’t see any result not even when using the lamps in the hospital, and I’m truly much better. In a few days I will publish the before and after photos for you to see the results and differences. The patches have not totally disappeared but look better. Unfortunately I forget to use the cream every night. **




February 2nd, 2017

“In the first 25 days, more or less, the affected areas got bigger and reddened even more and the sensation of pruritus got worst. Today, however, it seems that the symptoms are disappearing. Let me explain myself better: in the middle of the spots I already had, it seems that the skin has regenerated, nevertheless, there are lesions, dryness and itching at the edge of spots (although these symptoms have been decreasing).” **





 I bought the product and I think is great. I just used the shampoo twice and I’m already seeing the results. Thanks a lot. I’ve been looking for a product like that for a long time because I really care about my hair.**


Lorella Puggioni

I know very well the product… It’s a wonderful product both for psoriasis and side effects of chemotherapy on the skin. Congratulations!!!

Psotherapy: Thanks Lorella Puggioni< **


Tommasina Bencivenga

It’s a miraculous product… I have it always at hand...Actually, I have the entire product line. **


Pina Battelo

I ordered the product by phone and I received it in two days. I think the cream is exceptional. I hope for myself and for all the psoriasis sufferers that we get rid of this disease. I’m now using the second bottle of shampoo and cream (small size). The results are great. Congratulations to the Psotherapy staff. **



02/02/2017 “In the first 25 days, more or less, the affected areas got bigger and reddened even more and the sensation of pruritus got worst. Today, however, it seems that the symptoms are disappearing. Let me explain myself better: in the middle of the spots I already had, it seems that the skin has regenerated, nevertheless, there are lesions, dryness and itching at the edge of spots (although these symptoms have been decreasing).” ** 


Alessia Paolucci:

 Thanks again! I’m cured now after only two months of treatment. **


Michela Cocchiaro


My mom has psoriasis on the hands, this is a tricky area to treat, but I must admit that after less than a month of treatment using this product, the first improvements are evident: it doesn’t itch anymore and the skin is less dry. The skin lesions are disappearing and we’re really happy!

So glad that I found your effective cream! THANK YOU! **


Donatella Borella

18/08/2016: I bought the product and now I’m fine. My hands are already cured.

Psotherapy: We appreciate your testimony, Donatella **


Bolognesi Marco

 But, is it true?

Roberta Murtas: Yes, it's true, I have already been using this therapy for 5 weeks now and the lesions are almost gone, the first ten days it worsens and it itches a lot but then the improvement becomes more evident each passing day. It’s an expensive therapy but at least it's not cortisone. **



 Good night. I want to thank all those who have worked to achieve this cream for psoriasis. I’ve been using this cream for 5 months now. I'm pretty fine. Thanks everyone. Good work and good night. **



Angela Reale 


Hello. I am Angela Reale. Just to let you know that I have great results with the treatment.  

Psotherapy : Thanks Angela Reale. We’re really happy. **




 Thank you very much. After a couple of weeks I could see that the products really work. **



Antonella Sanfratello

Hello, I’ve been a psoriasis sufferer for ten years now but after trying Psoherapy I’ve been having great results. I advise you to use it. It’s great! I ordered the product and I received it in just 4 working days. After just 2 days of treatment I’m seeing already the results. **



Manuela Barbaro

 I have not had the opportunity and time to do the photos of the cure. I started this journey believing little since the great previous failures, but I changed my mind. Because of psoriasis
that I had particularly on the hands, I quit my hobby (and even worse) and I could not move my hands at all. I had always open wounds that bled very often, even a caress to my children cost me pain. Today
everything is different. I only have a few points left on the knuckles but not a discomfort. I got back my activities because along with the pain even the discomfort of showing me before others like that went
away. Thank you for I have found the serenity of a normal daily life. **


Roberta Murtas


Hello everyone.  I'm doing the therapy for 10 days now and the improvements are evident. The first six days the lesions seemed to get worse but after the sixth day they are getting better and better.

Rita Pieretti

05/08/2016 :

I’ve been using your products for a week now and I already got great results. Thank you very much.
Psotherapy :We’re happy for you. Keep us updated.
Rita Pieretti:Thank you very much. After a couple of weeks I could see that the products really work.

Rosanna Girotto


I started the treatment with the shampoo and the cream 5 days ago. I’ve got already an improvement. The dry and itchy skin is gone. I used Dovobet, Zorac, and a shampoo made of mauves but I didn’t get any improvements. These products really meet my needs! **



Tommasina Bencivenga

  I’m very happy. These products are miraculous. The scales are gone. Only white spots remain. I had scales in almost the entire body, on the elbows, legs, lower back, buttocks and scalp.  After a month of full treatment by consuming two bottles of 100 ml cream, shampoo and body wash, I’m more than satisfied. Thank you very much. I will not ever miss these products again. Kind regards. **


Antonella Scala

Good evening everyone, I used the products and I assure you that they are great. **



Antonietta Morelli

It’s true! These products heal. My son is fine now. The scales are gone. **




I have not had the opportunity and time to do the photos of the cure. I started this journey believing little since the great previous failures, but I changed my mind. Because of psoriasis that I had particularly on the hands, I dropped my hobby (and even worse) and I could not move my hands at all. I had always open wounds that bled very often, even a caress to my children cost me pain. Today everything is different. I only have a few points left on the knuckles but not a discomfort. I got back my activities because along with the pain even the discomfort of showing me before others like that went away. Thank you for I have found the serenity of a normal daily life. **



Antonietta Morelli 


It’s true! At least for my son they worked, those products are miraculous. We can say that it’s almost already gone and we're only on the 11th day of the treatment. I won’t stop thanking Psotherapy even though I don’t know who’s physically behind those products. **





Hello everyone. I wanted to ask a question. Given that I've had improvements with these products, I would like to ask why after having been some days in the mountains for skiing (so cold and windy and my problem is on the neck and around the ears) my lesions got worse. Now that I’m back home with the cream (which I always used also in the mountains) I started improving.  Does climate change make the psoriasis got worse?

• Paola Psotherapy: As the sun reduces the manifestations of this disease by inhibiting the inflammatory mechanisms, so the great cold does stimulate and aggravate it. So, it’s absolutely normal that in the mountains, with the cold, the inflammation got worse.

• Anonymous: Uh-huh, in fact I imagined it. But thankfully with the cream in two days I'm coming back as fast as before I left for the mountains... and I see the improvements that I was having before.

• Paola Psotherapy: Well, keep using the cream. **


Laura Pirina


My daughter suffered really badly from psoriasis when she was 7 years old. She healed but the scalp psoriasis has never gone away. I tried the Psotherapy shampoo, and now finally her scalp turned into white again and without plaques and good blood flow too. Thank you.

• Psotherapy: Thanks Laura for the wonderful testimony. **


Alessia Paolucci


Hello. My name is Alessia Paolucci. I fight with psoriasis for more than a year now. Some parts of my body like my ankles, elbows and the head are affected. I spent a bunch of money between dermatologists and treatments without having any results. I live in an area where there is sulfurous water even with that I didn’t solve the problem. Then, my mother read about you and I wanted to try it. I’ve been using the cream for 10 days and I already cured a 90% of my illness. This product is great! I would kindly ask you to publish my story to make the skeptics understand that the cream works fine. **



 Laura Pirina

 Thank you for your work. **


Giuseppe Maria Marino


It works! I have tried both the shampoo and the cream!! **




Whoever in touch with the subject knows that is needed to work from the inside, however, it’s undeniable that to feel better the external appearance is important for the self-esteem. I have always avoided using cortisone or medicines with eventual even serious side effects, preferring natural products.

After proving different treatments, however, with poor results, I run into a video advertising a natural remedy designed and produced in Sardinia ... Bingo! The spots on the body after about a week of redness increase went away in a month with the cream, those on the head were a bit more resistant but the inflammation and the itching reduced quickly.

After about eight months, I noticed a little redness on the armpit, I started applying the cream for about ten days and ... it stopped! .... With regard to the scalp, I neglected the diet on Christmas, so here it comes, the dandruff, which I handle with the shampoo and an immediate return to the diet. PSOTHERAPY, look for it on internet. P.S. The only bad thing, it’s a bit expensive! **



Fernando Duma


I do not want to advertise it but Psotherapy was my salvation for my palm psoriasis. Now, I can find the cream from my pharmacist. **


Sonia Armanelli


I strongly recommend trying these products ... my husband is been using them for a few weeks now and you can already see the first changes… **


Mena Lucca


Good evening. I’ve been using the cream for only 15 days now and I'm having good results. Thanks. See you soon. **



Laura Milani


My partner has been using the products for a month now; we’re already looking at the improvements. Shortly, I'll publish the photos before and after with the differences ... Thank you, and good day to all of you!!! **


Antonietta Morelli  

15/02/2016: My son bought the products almost a week ago in the pharmacy.  Psotherapy does make the shower shampoo and the cream. Thank you very much. We already start seeing some improvements. I'll keep you updated on my journey. **


Francesca Pulvirenti

22/02/2015: I’ve been using Psotherapy for about two months.

Unfortunately, I stopped the treatment for a month because of a health problem. Now, I use it every day or rarely twice a day, with excellent results so far. **


Michele Alba


I started using Psotherapy two weeks ago; the spots are almost gone completely. **


Gabriella Coscetti


Hello, I’m Gabriella. The cream begins to work. The red spots are gradually cleared and the flakes are gone ... The skin is much smoother than before. I hope to improve even more... I’ll keep you updated. See you soon. **


Antonietta Morelli


Dear friends. Thanks to your products that my son is using for about 10 days now, his skin and scalp have completely cleared up. When does he start with the cream? Thank you. **





  You've performed a "miracle" for me!!! The treatment, done with care and patience, has achieved great results!! I've joined the group and I'm sorry to tell you.... I held back from responding to comments that were sometimes unfair and ignorant. Instead, I preferred passing the word on to anyone I met with patches and scabs... a crazy person... I explained my story very delicately.... suggesting Psotherapy to them... when I meet them again they just thank me!! I want to specify that I absolutely do not know the Psotherapy team... that I absolutely do not receive any fee... but that I am immensely grateful to them and so I put my name to it!!! And anyone who really knows and lives with psoriasis will certainly agree with me that we have tried to many things... spent so much money... so much cortisone... that trying a product like this and seeing the results obtained for the price of about €100... Then it's not a "massive expense"... you just need to know how much the other treatments and visits cost... **




I see improvement on my son's scalp, but I don't know if I did the right things or not, I applied it every day, it's been a month but maybe now I'll apply it three times a week!!!! the ugly hard scales have become like mild dandruff on the almost invisible patch!!! also, which I am pleased about, the patch used to be red and now it's the same colour as the rest of the scalp, the inflammation has gone away!!!! I think the itching will fade gradually with what we can call total improvement!!!! When it was first applied, the burning and itching was horrible, but after just a few days..... better. **



Anna Tropea


Hello I am an 11-year-old girl's grandmother whom in April 2015 began having bubbles on her hands and then gradually hell started. According to our dermatologist, it was a fungus and then it was psoriasis and we the began administering 12 Cortisone shots that burned the skin but didn't change anything. Then I saw Psotherapy and I couldn't believe it, but then reading the results I thought I really had nothing to lose. Now I can guarantee that the little girl, after a month and a half has almost nothing left. I thank you with all of my heart Psotherapy. A happy grandmother. ** 


Carmen Nicotra


Hi, I bought the cream and the shampoo. I suffer from psoriasis for many years now, and with your products it’s gone. Thanks.

G.G 05.11.2015    :I love you !! I have always suffered from psoriasis, especially on my scalp, but I hadn't had scabs for about three years. But about a year and a half ago, it came back more aggressive than ever due to stress, etc. I've been using your shampoo for about three weeks and the scabs are gone. Buying your products was really worth it! **




Hello, my husband suffers from plaque psoriasis on his scalp, ears, and navel, and started using psotherapy products regularly - the shampoo, body wash, and cream. He has already achieved excellent results after a week; after an initial increase in itching and redness, the helmet-like feeling on his head and the itching have reduced considerably... Thank you. **


Viola Violetta


   Good evening,I want to share my feedback on your products with you and with all users affected by this annoying ailment.I've been suffering from psoriasis for 8 years and currently the affected area is my scalp, from the temples to the area above the ears, and the skin behind the ears is also affected, causing me severe itching, a dirty feeling, and hair falling out all the time after I scratch.

I started using Psotherapy shampoo on 14 September, and after a month of using it the results are clear: after an initial stage when the itching and redness got worse, now the skin is much less dry, the scales are noticeably reduced, and the affected area is now much less extensive, scarcely noticeable any more. 
A huge relief given the embarrassment I felt at having my hair always full of little bits of skin. 
My hair has not suffered any kind of side effect; it's stayed as thick and healthy as ever.
I would also like to clarify that I'm 26 and I have made no big changes to my diet or my everyday life and I achieved the results even though I consume alcohol and nicotine every now and then.
What can I say... I will recommend it to everyone and I simply have to thank you for introducing this remedy for an ailment that often goes unnoticed but can undermine your self-esteem and create discomfort. **




My psoriasis is improving, even behind my ear, the cream also works on my scalp THANK YOOOUUUU ** 





I love you !! I have always suffered from psoriasis, especially on my scalp, but I hadn't had scabs for about three years. But about a year and a half ago, it came back more aggressive than ever due to stress, etc. I've been using your shampoo for about three weeks and the scabs are gone. Buying your products was really worth it! **




  So now I'm going to tell you my experience: I got the first little patches on my elbows when I was 15. From that day on, cortisone was my daily bread and, as long as you're young, your body holds up and gets over things. Then at 35, it exploded all over my body except my face and hands. I had to resort to the miraculous cyclosporine in enormous tablets, so big I thought they were suppositories and instead I had to swallow that stuff every day for at least three months with side effects after just 3 weeks: I became overweight quickly, had spontaneous tachycardia and increased blood pressure at the slightest exposure to the sun or physical stress, and was sleepy at all hours. In exchange, I had completely clean skin. But the side effects make you change religion to the point of preferring to hide away rather than take that medication. 
The only solution: stop taking cyclosporine and hole up at home from April to October so you won't get look at and avoided like a leper or have to give answers to every nosy Parker as if you were a VIP. Meanwhile, you become a defeatist and a bit of an arsehole. 
And you know what I'm talking about. 
It took two years for my body to get over those few months of cyclosporine, for my blood pressure to get back to normal, and to lose those extra kilos and stop being perpetually dazed.
Today, I'm finally beginning natural treatment with Psotherapy. A while ago, pharmacists advised me to wait for two weeks for the cortisone to be gone from my body and I have to say that after the first week without cortisone I felt full of energy again like when I was 15 and no longer had the tendency to postpone hard work or avoid physical exertion. Have faith: give up the cortisone and try this treatment because it'll be like being born again. Hiding or pretending to feel the cold to justify wearing long sleeves will be just a memory. Being able to expose your skin will give you an extra edge in relating to the world. And above all, LOVE AND HONOUR the Research and Experimentation work by this band of crazy professionals who have wracked their brains and sat down to come up with an alternative treatment to change the lives of US complete strangers. 

They might just be our skin's best friends. **




Sebastiano Calafiore


I discovered this medication by accident and bought it for my son, who was in despair after trying various treatments. The effect after just two days was exciting, and as soon as possible I’ll send photos of before and after the treatment ENTHUSIASTIC. Is the word that my state of mind attributes to your product's results.I am the father of a child suffering from psoriasis and after several visits to dermatologists, some of them authorities on the subject, and using treatments, undergoing examinations, and much more, but without concrete results.With my son refusing to go out because of aesthetic embarrassment, after a few sleepless nights in front of the computer trying to understand psoriasis and looking for the latest new products in the field, I found Benito Urgu looking at me from the monitor and wondered what he had to do with the subject, and with a mouse click, played the video of his interview with a girl talking about Psotherapy. At the time, I thought it was an advert for one of the many creams on the market but then I wondered. Why not try it, Urgu gives me confidence!!. I browse the site, I find stores selling it in my area (by the way, out of the pharmacies listed as stocking it, some don't know your product, and they all rely on the local distributor, via computer; at the time of writing, the latter have no cream in sizes 50 and 100ml in stock, to say nothing of the 500, either in my area or in the Pisa area), I find the 30ml size and buy two and send them, telling to my son to follow your instructions on how to use it. In the meantime, I buy more product because it's not enough, with results after six applications that it would not be an exaggeration to call astonishing. Now I tell everyone about this product, everyone I know, and sometimes when I'm in a group with friends of friends. This morning I even told the dentist’s secretary, whose father has been suffering from it his whole life. Everyone asks the same question I did, "one of the many creams on the market", but then when they see photos of my son they are amazed. What can I say... we're on the fourth day of treatment with visible results day after day. Today I bought a one kilo and three hundred and ninety grams of cream distributed between the two places where my son lives for fear he'll run out. Eh, yes I've spent a lot of money because the cream is excellent but expensive, it would have been free when I think of the money I paid to the experts.It might seem a story but it's just the outburst of a father who has given hope to his son. Thank you. 


L. M. 


Hello everyone!! Today I can finally tell you about my experience... Everything began about two years ago... A few annoying papules on my ankles... I thought nothing of it... Until one morning there were a few more papules and an annoying itch... I quickly saw a friend who was a dermatologist, who told me I had "ringworm".... Well... Take antihistamines for 15 days and it'll all go away... 15 days later, a nightmare... The situation had got worse and blisters with scabs were breaking out all over the place... I changed detergents... I tried to dress comfortably... so I didn't get that unbearable itch... I tried emollient creams... iodine tincture... Everything... And more...I decided to see a dermatologist after 2 months of disasters... ...as soon as the dermatologist saw me... Dumbfounded...  guttate psoriasis.. what????He prescribed me two cortisone treatments... Every other day.. I started looking for news, any news... The situation improved noticeably... After 20 days I was more or less "healed".... I stopped using the cortisone treatments... and it got worse... and work and stress took their toll... I changed my diet... I walked, I ran, trying to shake off the stress and those unbearable and unsightly hard scabs... that forced me to change sheets every single day... because the itching made me scratch during the night until I bled... A nightmare... a real nightmare... one morning after reading thousands of posts, I came across Psotherapy.... What should I do?!? I'd already tried everything.. and I'd been like this for a year and a half... I phoned up... the company didn't sell it directly... I set my relatives Sardinia out looking for it...In the meantime, I was trembling... I had to try it straight away.. I ordered it... after a few issues with the package and a few polite phone calls with explanations from the company, it arrived!!! That evening when I got home from work I tried it straight away.. Armed with hydrogen peroxide, cotton, and hope.. And finally, after about twenty days, the miracle!!!!! I was able to finally shave and show my legs... with a few white patches that don't bother me at all... With previous mistreatments, they'll get their colour back with time ... I spent a summer peacefully... I thought I couldn't let myself... But I could! I finished the treatment at the end of June and so far there's nothing on the horizon!! Thanks a million! **



Imma Dore


    So.... guys.. after 40 years... I'd never have though I'd be able to say such a thing..... Given I've only been using the shampoo for 10 days and the cream for three days...  I can confirm the situation is much better on my scalp... the scab is thinning a lot... and I don't feel the need to scratch until I hurt myself badly.... the "dandruff" still persists , although a little less, but I am convinced that over time it will improve as well... thanks a million...... a special greeting. **


Cesarina Tencalla


I'm giving it the maximum score because I've seen its effects on the skin of a very dear friend with my own eyes! He's started smiling again after years. Thank you on his behalf because he doesn't have a computer.**


Nusa Stanciu


5 stars great product!!!


Angela Carta 


5 stars great product!!!


Pasqualina Congiu 


Hi, I started about two months ago... I should start by saying that by my own fault I was not consistent with the treatment... and I regret it.. I've had remarkable results... look at the video and photos... I don't wake up during the night to scratch anymore.. And it's no small thing... I can go out with short sleeves again.. I no longer have the snow effect at home and at work... a piece of advice!! Just try it.. then.. I'm sure you'll tell people about it just as I am... nothing in life is certain but sometimes you have to take risks and try first.. then you'll see.. be brave. **


Ettore Fieramosca


5 stars great product!!!!


Fede Manuel Pittau Locci 


  It's a shame I didn't think of taking photos beforehand!! Now I am completely cured, this product is a miracle... I've gone to loads of doctors and they all gave me drug after drug and so much cortisone... then when I went to the pharmacy to buy cortisone ointment for the umpteenth time... the pharmacist recommended me this product... after the first two days it seemed to have gotten worse.... but then it began to take effect up to today when... I have the last bottle of cream that I bought again... yes I had extensive psoriasis from under my navel (private parts included) to my back..... Now I'm completely healed at last I can go to sea in peace without people staring at me or anything. THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! a MIRACLE product! **


Elena Gullone


5 stars great product!!!


Giuseppina Piras


Some pharmacists claim that after 6 months of treatment we will have to be careful what happens to us (I think they are against it because they don't make enough money) because instead, my friend is getting amazing results from treatment with this product. **


Laura Mategazza


I bought the shampoo and I'm getting on great with it. **


Lara Montis


Thank you, Psotherapy... I'd call you miraculous!!! You were very kind to me even on the phone.... people with this problem will try anything sceptically... but with your products I've "come out of my shell"!! Only people who have this problem experience unspeakable physical and psychological suffering... so.... My eternal gratitude...**


Nemo Rosas


Hi.... I'm getting them, and I must say that it was not easy to overcome my initial scepticism... after so many years of futile (and expensive) attempts with a myriad of creams... But a pharmacist recently told me about your product, though he didn't have any in his pharmacy. Intrigued, I looked online and found it on offer. I decided to give it a try and I don't regret it at all... Just the opposite... I'm finally seeing improvements and not insignificant ones... I should be just a bit more consistent in using it... but I think I'll do it.... I passed the news onto a friend who has the same problem... and he is satisfied too, with both the cream and the shampoo... I'm pleased to be able to thank you... and if I may say so, I'm proud that it's a Sardinian product... Well done you. **



Laura Gambino


5 stars great product!!!


Elisabetta Bovenzi 


Miraculous, really a unique product, it definitely deserved the 5 stars!! Thank you so much!! I have suffered from scalp psoriasis since I was a child, all the products I used did nothing but hide the disease for a while - it always came back even worse. Since I started using your shampoo four years ago the problem has gone, I’ve been reborn, my hair has grown back, and the disease is barely even a dim memory - I can keep it under control. Thank you again! **


Angela Vitali 

07/08/2015   I confirm, it's a great product!


Ornella Tanda 


5 stars great product!!


Oliver Queen


5 stars great product!!!


Giuliana Timperio


A miracle product, you've given me hope again! **


Maria Paola Farris 


I had a chance to try them and I guarantee that they worked would recommend them. **


Giuliano Cavallin  


5 stars great product!!!


Aldo Merenda 


5 stars great!!!


Davide Saiu 


 stars great product!!!


Elga Deriu 


5 stars great product!!!


Gabriella Cossu


Great product and great result!!! Thank yooouuuuu. My brother has been using Psotherapy for just a week. Amazing result!!!!! **


Paola Veg Dessi 


try it for yourself!!!!


Paola Cabriolu 


5 stars great product!!! 


Fede Manuel Pittau Locci 


I have bought it and I must say it's a miracle product...  it might be expensive... but honestly it's worth it; everything has completely disappeared... well done. **


Simona Patruno


I’m 32 and I’ve had psoriasis since I was 8... I barely remember my skin without it!! I’ve tried so many treatments... with very poor results... but Psotherapy actually works!!! Although the process seems to be slower for me than other people’s testimonies... but there are considerable and obvious improvements!!! And I am more than confident!!! My skin will be smooth again!!! Psoriasis will be just a horrible memory!! Thank you, Psotherapy!!! **


Laura Schirru


I want to publish this photo to show again that Psotherapy works....thank you for giving me my calmness back!!!! **


Laura Schirru 


If I could give it ten stars I would have... thanks to all the Psotherapy team for giving me back my smile!!! **


Gianni Piredda


I'm accepting your invitation and giving it 5 stars because I've had psoriasis for 10 years, I've tried everything and every time the results have never been satisfactory. You were my last resort and after two weeks of treatment I can say that if this continues I will only have a distant memory of psoriasis... THANK YOUUUU!!! 16:47 **


Marco Spina


   I'm giving it 5 stars because this product deserves them all! I have suffered from Psoriasis for eight years, I've tried many products without getting any improvement. Since I started the treatment with Psotherapy, I've been reborn: no more itching, no more scabs, and the plaques have been reduced so much! I will continue confidently with the treatment! Excellent product, I recommend it to everyone!  ** 


Laura Schirru 


Hi, I started using your products six days ago... I was very sceptical... after many attempts with different treatments, I no longer believed in any treatment... I became convinced after seeing Mr. Marco's improvements - I promised myself that it would be the last attempt! Psotherapy was my last resort..... and I found myself in paradise  within a few days, I had incredible improvements... my hands had been devastated by psoriasis, I bled constantly, I couldn't even clench my fists... Now I look at myself and it's like I never had anything!!!! My legs and head are likewise improving more every day!!!! I THANK THE TEAM THAT DID THIS RESEARCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! Now going to work (in a cafe) is no longer embarrassing!!!! **


Luca and Basta


I can confirm what Laura wrote; after years of useless cortisone treatments, finally a natural and above all effective remedy. I have been using it regularly for a month and the improvements of my skin are remarkable, a superb product, congratulations and thanks to Psotherapy. ** 



If you have not got any good results with other psoriasis products, try Psotherapy the natural remedy, successfully tested by millions of people around the world, without contraindications or side effects.




The information in this site is for informational purposes only, in no case may constitute the formulation of a diagnosis or the prescription of a treatment; it’s not intended and must not in no way replace the direct doctor-patient relationship or the specialist visit; it is recommended to always ask the opinion of your doctor and/or specialists about any indication given. If you have doubts or questions about the use of a Psotherapy product do not hesitate to contact your doctor. Read the Disclaimer »



** "Consideringthat every person get different results from any
treatment, the photospublished testimonies and in vitro assay show that it is possible but not totally sure that people obtain the same results when using Psotherapy products.” Disclaimer







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