Hospitals. Confirmations of the Hospitals about the Psotherapy Natural Treatment


Hospitals. The confirmation of the great results, arrived on November 13, 2017, from eight hospitals that have been using the Psotherapy natural remedy for 2 years. The dermatologist's statement and the results can be found on this site besides a lot of useful information.


Why Psotherapy and Psoriasis in Cuba?



Despite the embargo, Cuba is at the forefront of certain medical research and, in particular, in the fight against cancer.

Cuban pharmaceutical industry, although it is one of the main sources of income for the country, is based on radically opposing principles. The reason is the absence of pressures and commercial stimuli by pharmaceutical companies, and a successful strategy for educating the population in prevention. In addition, natural and traditional therapies - such as green medicine, acupuncture, hypnosis and many other, unprofitable practices for drug manufacturers - have been integrated for many years into the island's free public healthcare system.

Lastly, Cuba pushes the production of generic medicines available to other poor countries and the World Health Organization at a much lower price than the world's largest industry.

The use of natural medicine is very important in Cuba. Morinda Citrifolia, or Noni, for example, has a strong antioxidant power and is used to cure diabetes.

The US embargo against Cuba imposes major obstacles to the international marketing of Cuban pharmaceuticals, but it also directly affects US citizenship, as does the 80,000 diabetic people who suffer every year in the US from toe amputation because they cannot access the Cuban drug Heberprot P., which properly prevents amputation.


Cuba and the unique treatments in the world.

On this page, Psotherapy shows you the following two main reasons for its active participation in treating psoriasis in Cuba:

·     In Cuba there is no pressure from pharmaceutical companies and doctors are at the forefront of natural medicine.

  • All dermatologists are state employees who work at public health facilities. They prescribe the natural product Psotherapy to all the patients suffering from these conditions (psoriasis, dermatitis etc.), considered after several tests the best among those currently in distribution. The only real concern for them is the patients' health, who are treated for free, with mandatory periodic visits to the total remission of symptoms.

Every now and then, we read the comments implying that this is just ‘’advertising’’. To clarify this, we have asked dermatologists who work at some of the most important state health facilities, such as:

  • Cira García Central Clinic
  • Hermanos Ameijeiras Clinical Surgical Hospital
  • Luyanó Polyclinic
  • Catorce de Junio Polyclinic
  • Treinta de Noviembre Polyclinic
  • Raúl Gómez García Polyclinic – Pediatric Hospital
  • Veintiocho de Enero Retirement Home
  • Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic

to write on headed or stamped paper, their name and position, and tell us about Psotherapy in Cuba, and the results they are getting in patients under their medical indications with this natural treatment.

In addition, we invite you to read all the insights on this page to evaluate whether Psotherapy products are suitable for you.

It is also interesting to read the results in 636 patients who used Psotherapy. Go to this page Slides Convegno Psotherapy




IWe asked the different Cuban medical facilities to inform us about the results obtained with

Psotherapy natural treatment and the answers are as follows:



translated documents

Havana, November 13th, 2017.

Hermanos Ameijeiras Clinical Surgical Hospital

Dr. Teresita Pérez Alonso

2nd Degree Specialist in Dermatology

Assistant Professor.


We have had the opportunity to use the Psotherapy product which is a natural treatment with obvious soothing, moisturizing and emollient properties in the patients with psoriasis that are treated in our center, obtaining better responses in cases of mild and moderate psoriasis.

This natural product, due to its emollient properties, improves psoriasis lesions, decreasing desquamation and hydrating the skin. As a natural product is harmless and can be used at all ages without causing side effects.

We have achieved great results in scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis with the use of the Psotherapy shampoo applied in the appropriate way.

Our patients who have used this product have bought it in the Cuban international pharmacies.

CIRA GARCÍA Central Clinic

Havana, November 14th, 2017

To whom it may concern:

We attended the International Symposium of Pharmaceutical Companies, held in Cuba, on June 6 and 7, 2017. Among the interesting topics discussed, the use of Psotherapy topical treatment as a natural remedy for psoriasis, awoke the interest of Cuban dermatologists for the use of this product in psoriatic patients. The Psotherapy treatment, whose product in Cuba has been tested with the name of Psoricum (name of the product with the same active ingredient, Psotherapy is the current name) is a natural remedy that we are using in the treatment of the different clinical forms of Psoriasis and in some psoriasis-like Eczemas.

The topical treatment Psotherapy for psoriasis is applied directly to lesions with good results.

The product is sold in Cuban International Pharmacies. The patients treated by us acquire the treatment at our Clinic.

Although psoriasis is a problem that goes beyond a simple dry skin, keeping the skin moisturized helps alleviate psoriasis outbreaks, so the use of this product improves the patient condition a lot, which we consider to be a first therapeutic option in the treatment of different clinical forms of Psoriasis.


Dr. Silvia Garcia Martínez. Assistant Professor. MS. Head of the Dermatology Department. Central Clinical Cira García

(Dr. Silvia Garcia Martínez’ stamp and signature)


Calle 20 No. 4101, Esq. Ave. 41, Playa, La Habana. Cuba. Teléfono: (53 7) 204 2811

Telefax: (53 7) 204 2640, (53 7) 204 2650, Fax: (53.7) 204 1633. Email: Web:

To whom it may concern,



As physician and specialist in dermatology, I currently work in La Habana, Cuba, in following polyclinics:

  • Luyanó
  • Catorce de Junio
  • Treinta de Noviembre
  • Polyclinic – Pediatric Hospital Raúl Gómez García
  • Retirement home Veintiocho de enero
  • Surgical Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras
  • International Clinic Camilo Cienfuegos

As a dermatologist, I have been treating many patients suffering from psoriasis and I have been able to experience Psotherapy™ treatment. It is a treatment based on a natural extract that does not cause the side effects typical of cortisone therapies.

Psotherapy™ treatment experimentation has been conducted so far on about 30 patients who were asked to follow the application protocol scrupulously.

All patients treated showed significant improvements in symptomatic manifestations of psoriasis, such as flaking and skin dryness, which in many cases have disappeared.

Psotherapy™ treatment has been effective in all clinical forms of psoriasis. In particular, there were exceptional results in patients with palm-plantar psoriasis who had long been treated with cortisone-based therapies and had very atrophied skin as a side effect of such therapies, failing to improve their clinical condition. In these cases, the absence of side effects of the Psotherapy™ treatment was very important, allowing patients to recover their hands and feet functionality, having healthy skin, well hydrated and painless, and thus improving their quality of life.

As the formulation of Psotherapy products is based on an extract of an edible plant, it was possible to treat children, pregnant women and the elderly without any contraindication.

Given its effectiveness in the treatment of psoriasis symptoms, experimentation has also been conducted on some patients with seborrheic dermatitis or in conditions of extreme skin dryness due to other factors. Even for these patients the results were excellent.

All products from the Psotherapy™ line, such as cream, shampoo, shower gel and scalp fluid, are currently sold in all Cuban international pharmacies.

La Habana, November 13th, 2017



Dr. Idaisy Guerra Estévez

Specialist in Dermatology

Specialist in General Integral Medicine



To whom it may concern,

original documents


If you have not got any good results with other psoriasis products, try Psotherapy the natural remedy, successfully tested by millions of people around the world, without contraindications or side effects.




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