Inverse Psoriasis


Inverse Psoriasis or Flexural psoriasis involves the folds of the body, the armpits, the groin, in the inguinal fold, under the breasts, the umbilical region, the folds of the elbows and knees. Smooth lesions of a vivid red and shiny color, and and have no scales.


Inverse psoriasis is rare. It can be really serious and invalidating.


In the case of inverse psoriasis the sweat and the rubbing worsen the symptoms, aggravating the quality of life of people,  specially those who are overweight and obese.


Sometimes is not easy to recognize it and it is often mistaken for a fungal infection (intertrigo), eczema or dermatitis.


The causes and triggering factors of inverse psoriasis


In general, this inflammatory form of psoriasis is more common in overweight people, people who have more pronounced skin folds in some parts of the body. In these areas the skin is thickened, red and sore.


Even diabetes appears to be a favorable condition to the onset of the inflammation. With studies now available, although fairly limited, you can list a number of factors that appear to be due to the onset of psoriasis:


  • Trauma;
  • Wrong nutrition;
  • Various infections (Streptococcus, Candida, HIV);
  • Several medications (beta blockers, NSAIDs, ACE inhibitors, etc.);
  • Obesity;
  • Alcohol and smoking abuse;
  • Strong physical or emotional stress;
  • Disorders of the immune system;
  • Genetic predisposition.


Once you have been diagnosed with inverse psoriasis, it is important to know that a cure that would eliminate entirely the disease has not yet been found, but the disease is not infectious or contagious.


In addition to itching and pain, possible consequences of acute phases are: irritation, which increases with the rubbing and the sweating, the probability of infection by fungi and, related to emotional aspect, sexual problems. The latter are not negligible because restrict normal relational life, affecting the mental state.


The inverse psoriasis can affect men and women, while it seems that periods of life in which it occurs most often are puberty and menopause.


Especially in young people, the disease is more incapacitating due to the psychological aspect than to the real consequences.


In some patients with psoriasis there is a form of inflammatory arthritis, although it does not necessarily have a causal link with psoriasis.


In terms of pharmacological treatment, topical corticosteroids are the first-line treatment for inverse psoriasis. Its limited use is recommended for 2 to 4 weeks, keep in mind the adverse effects of high-potency steroids in these areas such as atrophy and telangiectasias.


Other therapies such as the use of calcipotriol, tracolimus or primecrolimus, can be used long-term as first-line treatments or after a cycle of topical corticosteroids.


The combinations of corticoids and calcipotriol or corticosteroids and calcineurin inhibitors are highly effective and reduce the possible side effects of corticosteroids.


The application of Psotherapy cream can be considered as a first-line treatment in patients with inverse psoriasis due to its anti-inflammatory, emollient and moisturizing properties without the side effects of steroids.


Natural remedy for inverse psoriasis

Psotherapy Cream and Body wash are natural products in the form of a light and non-greasy emulsion, made gelling patented innovative plant extracts with high eudermic and trophic power. 


If you have not got any good results with other psoriasis products, try Psotherapy the natural remedy, successfully tested by millions of people around the world, without contraindications or side effects.




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