Psoriasis and make up


Psoriasis and make up. Our face is the first thing people notice when they first meet us. Why do we have to limit ourselves to hiding the "red spots" when we can learn how to highlight our best feature and convert them from being weaknesses to strengths?



We have already talked about how we can hide the imperfections caused by psoriasis with camouflaging and how a radical change in one’s image can add an additional psychological burden to a condition which in itself is not a simple one because it deals with dehydration, thinning skin, scars, dryness and paleness. 


It’s a fact that makeup has always been a woman’s best friend. It was designed to characterize and distinguish faces with special signs to emphasize character, personality and social status.  


Today, the basic idea remains the same. In fact, makeup will vary according to personality, character, and mood.  It especially helps us to create the image we wish to present to the world.


Our face is the first thing people notice when they first meet us. Why do we have to limit ourselves to hiding the "red spots" when we can learn how to highlight our features and convert them from being weaknesses to strengths? Makeup is no longer just a mask that is applied to the face.    It is more profound than that.  It lets us represent ourselves as we would like to be seen.  By using makeup women play with their own image and identity as if they were saying:


“I dream of being a diva, of looking healthy, simple but cured: I dream of being a likable, lovable, kind and   fashionable woman….”


Let’s find our self-esteem and the desire to show ourselves with makeup!


Lately, we have been hearing about traditional and mineral makeup.  What is the difference between them? Which one should we choose and why?




Bio Mineral Makeup is suitable for all skin types.   Even as a powder, it will not clog skin pores and gives us the feeling of clean skin. It also provides a covering which breathes and adds naturalness and brightness to the skin, allowing the skin to glow naturally. 


Thanks to the importance that cosmetic brands are giving to INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients - the internationally recognized term put on labels to show the ingredients in cosmetic products), mineral makeup has evolved into becoming 100% natural, free of silicones, parabens and chemical preservatives.  It is suitable for all skin types, even those that are the most sensitive and allergic.



Mineral makeup offers a wide range of products which allows us to create our own makeup from foundation to eye shadow. Let’s have a look at the products we need to look our best.


The Ideal Beauty Kit:  


 • Cream or BB CREAM: a light formula to moisturize and repair skin texture;

• Mineral Foundation: you can buy it or make it yourself thanks to the mixing of pigment with warm water;

• Mineral Translucent Powder: used for establishing the tinted bases giving a matte finish.

To make a home-made powder just put a few grains of rice into the blender.  Store it in a jar with a screw cap. Isn’t that amazing? ECONOMIC AND BIO!


• Mineral Bronzer: creates a shade under the cheekbone; it will make your face look thinner and more harmonious.

• Mineral Blush: the best way to apply blush is to have an expression hallway between a smile and a kiss. It will highlight the cheekbone. Apply the color and blend it into the temples.

• Mineral Eye Shadows: always choose colors that best suit your skin color. You can buy them as powders and, following the indications given for the foundation, create a creamy eye liner or eye shadow by adding warm water.

  • Mascara: choose a light formula, not too heavy for the eyelashes

If you want to create eyelash volume, use home-made makeup: apply the mascara, let it dry, and then apply the rice powder with a clean brush and re-apply the mascara. Your eyelashes will magically look thicker and you will look more alive.


If necessary repeat the operation one more time, but avoid excess which will result in unsightly "spider effect” eyelashes.

Lip Moisturizer Base and/or Primer with Spf 15+ sunscreen to mitigate the "barcode" effect on your lips and keep them hydrated during the day. It would be ideal if the label for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients lists active ingredients which have a greater amount of jojoba, argan and sunflower oil, avocado or beeswax.


Lip Gloss or soft lipstick: always choose the color that best matches your skin. Dull shades that dry your lips should be avoided or removed.


If you want to give a matte finish to your lipstick, just apply a little rice powder; this is the faithful ally of makeup and it gives you fashionable lips.  


To apply these products you will need the right brushes (preferably with soft bristles) to apply your makeup more precisely. You will be able to find a great many types of make-up brushes, each with some well-defined feature.  Some can be used for more than one purpose.  


What brushes should be part of your kit?


 • Flat Kabuki brush: the special shape of the Kabuki brush makes it perfect for applying powders or mineral foundations.


• Fan brush: the fan brush having fewer bristles is used to remove excess dust from the face and the brush having more bristles is used for more accurate rouge work such as the contouring technique.


• Cat’s tongue or flat brushes: these are perfect for applying cream, liquid or stick products. Several sizes are commercialized that range from the largest for applying foundation to the smallest for applying lipstick.


 • Large round brushes: these were created to apply powder or tanning powder to give a light effect. Their soft bristles absorb enough product, so after using it for the powder or other products it is recommended to remove all excess by gently tapping the brush handle against the space between thumb and index fingers.


• Oblique brush: thanks to its special angled cut, it allows you to apply blush more precisely, perfectly following the curves of the face and the facial features.


• Small soft brushes: in this case there are different types and sizes, depending on which part of the eye you want to make up.



• Fine brushes: the fine brush has a very thin tip that helps to put on eyeliner or retouch lipstick when you want to correct corners.


• Angle brush for eyes and eyebrows: its precise angled cut and the hardness of its bristles make it ideal for eyebrow makeup, so that you can give them the beautiful appearance of seagull’s wings.


Care and maintenance:

It is important to pay attention to the use of makeup brushes to ensure their long-life. We must always remember that they can transmit infections and be contaminated by bacteria. Therefore it is a good idea to wash them with gentle neutral soap after each use, massaging them until all the makeup has been removed. Be sure to shape the bristles by pinching them together and wringing out excess water before letting them air dry.


Once the brushes are dry, they will be ready for the next makeup session.





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