Useful indications to manage psoriasis - Natural treatments


Useful indications to manage psoriasis - Natural treatments. Lots of indications to control psoriasis without forgetting that psoriasis triggering factors are unknown, we only know that they are many and not all are the same for everybody. There are risk factors for the onset of psoriasis and one of them is drugs.


Learning about psoriasis. Lots of useful information for knowing better psoriasis and living with the disease naturally

Psoriasis and makeup

We have already talked about how we can hide the imperfections caused by psoriasis with camouflaging and how a radical change in one’s image can add an additional psychological burden to a condition which in itself is not a simple one because it deals with dehydration, thinning skin, scars, dryness and paleness.  

Helpful tips to control itching

Many people with psoriasis report that they feel itchiness associated with the disease. The act of scratching does not spread psoriasis but it does interfere with healing, thus becoming a threat to worsening the situation. How can we avoid scratching? 

Psoriasis and sport

Since ancient times physical activity has always been essential to the lives of individuals and communities.  In the past it was more common for people to be involved in physical activity, whether in sports or manual work.  For that reason, ancient peoples generally had thinner more muscular bodies with stronger constitutions than their modern 

Myths about Psoriasis

Today we are in the twenty-first century, but when it comes to skin diseases we seem to have stopped somewhere in the Middle Ages when legends and false beliefs were kindled by illiterate gossip-mongers full of preconceived notions. The people suffering from these diseases (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis...) have always been the victims.  In addition to the physical pain often suffered as the consequence of psychological pain, they have ended up feeling distrust, self-contempt and even shame.

Psoriasis and camouflage

We have already seen how people living with psoriasis become nonconformists.  They are afraid to show themselves or make contact with other people because our modern society is far too interested in appearances and stereotypes: it is continuously bombarding us with “perfect” images that we should imitate.  

Psoriasis and clothing

For most people, the act of getting dressed may seem to be quite routine, but for those suffering from this complex skin disease it is not so ordinary.  It is in fact highly underestimated. 

Psoriasis and Cold Weather

As autumn and winter approach, our concerns mainly focus on colds, the flu and laryngitis and so we often end up neglecting the health of our skin.  In colder weather, our skin requires more protection and hydration.

Psoriasis and medicines

There are risk factors for the onset of psoriasis and one of them is drugs. It is considered a risk factor because it increases the possibility of contracting a disease or suffering from a condition.

In addition, if a patient already diagnosed with psoriasis takes any of these medications listed below, an exacerbation of the lesions and a poor response to the antipsoriatic treatments may occur.


Psoriasis and stress

The relationship between stress and psoriasis: a few golden rules to feel better. 

Who hasn’t felt anxious or stressed at least once in their life due to a certain period or situation?  Who has never experienced the unpleasant feeling of being suffocated and overwhelmed by fears, apprehensions and worries?


Scalp psoriasis

More than two million Italians suffer from psoriasis.  Almost half of them suffer scalp psoriasis.  In children the scalp is actually the only part of the body to be affected. Data collected by Adipso, the Association for the Defense of Psoriatic Patients, emphasizes that scalp psoriasis is the most common form of this chronic skin disease.

Psoriasis and the Sun

Psotherapy® treatment is also an excellent ally in the summer because since it isn’t a photosensitizer, it can also be used during exposure to the sun. People with psoriasis are very happy when summer arrives.  The combination of sun and sea is indeed often a winning combination for psoriasis sufferers because the action of sea water and sunlight contributes significantly to reversing the lesions.

Psoriasis and Sleep Disorders

Do symptoms like pain and itching keep you awake at night? You cannot understand why it takes you so long to fall asleep? Do you have symptoms like snoring, headache or usually after you wake up you feel tired to begin the day?

Sleep is fundamental in our life. It allows us to lost touch with reality and takes us for a few hours to another world while restoring our energy to begin the next day.

Genital Psoriasis 

Usually, when you hear about psoriasis, it is immediately associated with those areas like knees, elbows, scalp, hands or feet, but it also affects more hidden areas such as the genitals.

In general, psoriasis manifests itself as inflammatory plaques along with whitish scales, but the lesions found in genitals area may be different because of their red, smooth and dry appearance.

Thanks to the natural and patented active ingredient, Proposoriasi R&D, without contraindications and side effects, you can keep your psoriasis under control for a long time with a totally natural product. Today defined as the best product.

The natural remedy for Psoriasis. First phase: daily applications, until symptoms disappear, then once a week.

Some examples of how the Psotherapy natural remedy works


Scalp psoriasis – Itchy scalp


In the images below, the photographic demonstration of how our Scalp Fluid + shampoo products act on the scalp.


This is a case of severe psoriasis affecting the entire scalp, with a strong skin irritation associated with desquamation and dandruff.


The photos were taken in three different moments: the first shows the initial state in which the gentleman was, the second was taken after 30 days and the third after forty days.


These results were obtained by applying the Scalp fluid at night and by washing the hair with the shampoo the next morning; the procedure was performed every other day.


The gentleman, no longer having to use the hat to cover the scales and dandruff, managed to eliminate even the redness with the help of the sun.


He is currently continuing maintenance treatment, applying Psotherapy products only once a week to keep the imperfections of psoriasis under control.

Marlene a year later


Marlene a year later, 28 February 2017 - 28 February 2018. Mrs. Marlene is also very happy with the results obtained with Psotherapy natural treatment. She is following carefully the advice of our dermatologists. With a few weekly applications, she continues to keep the skin smooth and without the annoying imperfections of psoriasis.


After many years of suffering, she lives a normal life. By using only our natural product without cortisone, contraindications and side effects, she has solved her serious problem.


Today Marlene writes to us: "Currently I perform the foot baths with Psotherapy Body Wash twice a week and I apply the cream to the hands when I feel them particularly dry".

Marlene "Psoriasis is a chronic disease and it does not heal, the cures are these!!!"

One of the several testimonials that you can find visiting this site.


Marlene, January 25th, 2018. Five months after her testimonial, we have received the photos of Marlene. Let us remind you her statement on August, 2017.

"Having consulted so many dermatologists, continuing with cortisone and tar creams, with hands and feet closed in a plastic bag, with ankle skin detached along with the bag with burning and hallucinating pain…

After the resignation felt by hearing people say that "psoriasis is a chronic disease and it does not heal, the cures are these"…

One day surfing on Internet together with a friend, looking for some other treatment, we came across the Psotherapy page and after almost three years of desperation I said to myself "I will try this too". I decided to buy the product. My life with Psotherapy is a new one now…"


If you have not got any good results with other psoriasis products, try Psotherapy the natural remedy, successfully tested by millions of people around the world, without contraindications or side effects.




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** "Consideringthat every person get different results from any
treatment, the photospublished testimonies and in vitro assay show that it is possible but not totally sure that people obtain the same results when using Psotherapy products.” Disclaimer







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